London Transport Code 1/1TD2, Leyland Tiger PS1, TD118 (JXC 311)

London Transport Single-Deck Bus (Bonnet ID) TD118 Reg No.JXC311 is one of the four surviving post-war TDs.

TD118 as preserved in green livery



TD118 London Transport service: July 1949 to December 1961, and sold in February 1965.

Mann Egerton body built on a Leyland Tiger PS 1 chassis (number 484910).

Heavy oil engine (number 82) 7,400 cc (100 HP).

Normal clutch with crash gearbox.

Classified as a 2 axle rigid body single deck bus / coach.

The latest registration document (some time ago) states the colour as green (in preservation).



TD118 will be 70 years old later this year. It was first registered on the 26th June 1949. The single deck bus was built by Mann Egerton based on a Leyland PS1 chassis and London Transport classified it as a 1/1TD2. It was first based at Leyton garage and then at Loughton garage following its first overhaul at Chiswick Works. It was later placed in store at Mortlake garage until being returned to service at Kingston and then Norbiton garage. It was returned to Kingston garage where many remember it operating from. Various garages were then used to store the bus before it was withdrawn from service and it was later moved to Fulwell garage.

In November 1963 TD118 was loaned to students at Brunel Technical College Acton for a trip to Moscow, presumably still in London Transport livery. This trip may have been inspired by the film Summer Holiday, released earlier that year. When the trip was completed, in November 1964 it was returned to Fulwell and was recorded as the last TD in London Transport stock.

Following the successful trip to Moscow, Mr. J Tillotsen of Brunel Technical College purchased TD118 for another trip, this time to Turkey. For information, Brunel Technical College was located in Acton close to many of the London Transport Rail and Bus works and a number of companies that supplied component parts for their vehicles. Brunel Technical College expanded in 1965 with new facilities at Hillingdon near Uxbridge, obtaining full University status in 1966/67.

TD118 in Harbour Street, Ephesus, Turkey 13/8/65. Photo: Roger Joanes

Following the trip to Turkey, TD118 was sold to a scrap dealer as it had some mechanical problems, but was then sold very soon after for private use and later for preservation. It has had a number of owners since then and is one of only four of the class to survive until today.

The Trip to Turkey is worth mentioning in more detail as it was both interesting and quite an achievement. Following the purchase of TD118 it was a condition of sale that it could not be identified as being a London Transport bus. Hence it was painted with a white band around the body, this being acceptable to LT, before being converted for the journey. The following details and photographs were provided by Mr. Roger Joanes who was on the trip, and owns the copyright of the photographs (Please do not Copy).

From left: TD118 at Dardanelles (European side) 17/8/65; TD118 overheated near Aksehir 11/8/65; TD118 in Harbour Street, Ephesus 13/8/65. Photos: Roger Joanes.

Prior to the trip several seats were taken out to make room for the onboard campers and others slept in tents usually at proper campsites. Many cities and places of interest were visited and a full route is available. Starting in London they travelled to Istanbul via Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Bulgaria. Various locations within Turkey were visited including Mersin on the Mediterranean coast. The next stops were in Greece returning home via Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy Switzerland and France. It should be noted that the modern country names have been used as the map of Europe has changed considerable since the time of the trip.

TD118's Future

TD118 is now in need of a continuing restoration including a full mechanical overhaul, completion of the reframing that has been started and replacement of the panels before finally repainting it.

Photos above & below: TD 118 under restoration. Copyright: R.J. Wood

The remaining question will be if the bus is to be restored to original condition or if it should be as modified for the Turkey trip? This will be up to the new owner or owners, but a compromise could be made with external features as original, but with the internal layout similar to that used on the Turkey trip.

Those interested in its continued preservation may request further details by email - address below.



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